Friday, February 1, 2013

New Bike...Just for the fun of it

Here it is. The new bike. 

I'm glad I got it. The comfort level on this bike compared to my Trek is 100% better.

Now, if I can only get it off the trainer...

The weather has been cold, to say the least. Eight degrees this morning when I crawled out of bed. This is crazy weather! I will be so glad for spring!

My LBS, Oswego Cyclery is, I think, the best shop around. They price matched, upgraded my cables to a teflon non-stick type that makes the shifts and braking smoother and installed my pedals, cage and computer without any extra charges. I couldnt be any happier.

I've been hesitant on witing about this, only because I didnt want to come across as bragging. But, I'm excited! Like a kid at Christmas. 

Now if I could only get it off the trainer...

I'll continue to ride indoors, and maybe if the weather gets above freezing and the wind isnt blowing, I'll take it for a spin around the neighborhood. 

Just for the fun of it. 

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