Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Back and Again The Back

I injured my back over a week ago. Went to the doc, got some meds, now I'm doing physical therapy. With the snow we had, the drive never got shoveled, so some kid wanted to do it. He didn't do a great job, so I went out there this past Saturday and finished it up.

My back was feeling good.

Until afterwards.

Three steps forward, two steps back. So now I'm nursing it again. Doing my physical therapy and all, and it seems to be better today.

Let's see how it goes this week.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Bike...Just for the fun of it

Here it is. The new bike. 

I'm glad I got it. The comfort level on this bike compared to my Trek is 100% better.

Now, if I can only get it off the trainer...

The weather has been cold, to say the least. Eight degrees this morning when I crawled out of bed. This is crazy weather! I will be so glad for spring!

My LBS, Oswego Cyclery is, I think, the best shop around. They price matched, upgraded my cables to a teflon non-stick type that makes the shifts and braking smoother and installed my pedals, cage and computer without any extra charges. I couldnt be any happier.

I've been hesitant on witing about this, only because I didnt want to come across as bragging. But, I'm excited! Like a kid at Christmas. 

Now if I could only get it off the trainer...

I'll continue to ride indoors, and maybe if the weather gets above freezing and the wind isnt blowing, I'll take it for a spin around the neighborhood. 

Just for the fun of it.